HACKENSACK, N.J. (AP) - The photographer who captured a famous
image of three dusty firefighters hoisting a tattered flag on Sept.
11 has taken a new shot of the men for his newspaper and Newsweek
The four men reunited in Battery Park in Manhattan on Aug. 30.
The background of Thomas E. Franklin's new photo contains no
destruction, just the Statue of Liberty looming over the bay.
The New York firefighters stand in the same order they appeared
in the first photograph: George Johnson on the left, Dan McWilliams
in the middle and Bill Eisengrein on the right.
The new photo, a joint project of The Record of Hackensack and
Newsweek, appeared Monday on the newspaper's front page and the
magazine's cover. Both ran the original photo last fall.
"Tom Franklin shot a historic photo that became a historic
cover for Newsweek," said Mark Whitaker, the magazine's editor.
The magazine said Franklin's latest image of the firefighters
"is, like the first picture, a metaphor for a country that's also
Franklin shot the original photo shortly after 5 p.m. on Sept.
11. It's among the most enduring images of the day, and was later
nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and used on a postage stamp.
Record editor Frank Scandale said the firefighters "are
American heroes for what they did that day."

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