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    Default Thank you,for yuor supory

    I would like to thank every one who has givin all thier thoughts and prayers to the Gloucester city fire dept.
    I belong to the G.C.F.D,Iwas there helping to dig my friends out of the rubble.Iwas suposed to go inside but was taken away to do something else,I am really thankful to chief Sylvester,Deputy chief West,Tom Stewart.I am thankful to those three for letting me go home and see my girls,I wouldnt know how my family would survive with out me.I now know that my family would have been taken care of.After the fire I had night mares, cryed for no reason, but now I am seeing a doctor to help me with these problems.

    Before I became a ff my Grand Father was the Battilon Chief of STA.52.
    He taught me all I know.But never taught me how to handel this.
    Allthow he's my angel that helped me survive ,now I HAVE THREE MORE!!!!
    [SIZE=1]Robert G Kephart
    G.C.F.D STA. 52[COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]
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