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    Red face Intrduction of myself to others

    Hello All Out There!

    I'm new to the group and thought I would introduce myself.

    I'm a Grant Writer with over 16 years experience writing and acquiring funding for non-profits. I've just been hiried by a small rural Fire Department in San Diego County, CA.

    Can anyone tell me which web sites to seek out for grant proposal options? I"m aware of FEMA and the Federal Register and a few others.

    I want to leave no stone unturned if there might be funding for my fire dept.

    Those of you needing to replace certain fire supplies and apparatus might check out the following site: helpingourown.com I came across this site in doing some research and they are their own non-profit in the business of helping other fire departments acquired used equipment from other fire departments throughout the United states. This site may be of help to those of you who have not been able to acquire funding suficient enough to purchase those large dolar items such as vehicles, tec.

    I look forward to hearing from my new friends soon,

    Linda or
    aka: TALL TREES!
    Linda E. Maag - GRANTS-R-US!

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    Welcome Linda,

    You have come to the right place for answers. I don't know of any grant places.

    Welcome once again, and I hope you find what you need...

    I have to ask What is AKA tall trees is ref to ???

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    Hi Linda,
    I to work with a non-profit in Los Angeles, Maybe you've heard of it... Aztec Fire Crew. Were always looking for funds. But for the moment I have'nt heard of any grants, but I'll be sure to keep you posted. But if you have any information on grants I'd like to know,
    Thanks, Iris

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