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    Cool TNT Rescue Systems

    Just wondering what people think about their systems. We have one and love it. For info visit www.tntrescue.com.

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    Default TNT Rescue Systemes

    We bought a TNT cutter that is compatible with our pheniox system .I would put it up with the big boys .Down the road we hope to buy the spreader and the power unit .

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    OK... OK.. time for a confession here. I used to be in love with any tool Hurst made and kind of ignored the others out there... Until my department purchased TNT cutters, spreaders, airbags and a power unit the end of last year to replace an outdated system. In no way am I saying that they are better than Hurst or worse, but from my experience to date they are no less than equal competition!

    Unfortunately for some of our resident driver humans, we have used the new tools quite a bit since they got put in service and I can say that we are nothing but happy with them. We had one issue that was found in training but our vendor (who happens to be a member on these forums) was present at the time and corrected it immediately without a problem since!!

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    A Posting from Forum Moderator Ron Moore

    When someone asks me about tools, I always tell them that there ARE differences! Just like what vehicle you drive makes a difference in how you survive a crash, the rescue tools you have make a difference in what you and your team can or cannot accomplish at a rescue scene.

    I think of tools like a sports team; you have the first-string and then you have the "second stringers".

    I put Hurst, Holmatro, Genesis, and TNT among the "starters" on my team. I like all these and can accomplish just about any challenge that confronts me with any of these major systems.

    I have to clarify this though. My first string players are all dedicated units; full-size spreaders and full-size cutters. NONE of them are any of the combination stuff that's out there. I want stuff that will get the job done; not something that pretends to be a big boy!

    What hydraulic systems would you put on your "first string" and why?
    Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

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    Thumbs up TNT Tools

    My department recently switched to the TNT systems after a year of testing against other brands, Ron Moore hit it best, some do things better than others, however, we found the TNT systems to be exceptional performers for the types of extrication that we perform. We are using the Model 25 cutter which has more power than any other cutter out there(exceept for champion). They do have a flaw with them, but TNT has stepped up and are replacing all of our Series 25 cutters with the updated version. Great Tools....

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