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    Question Officer Positions and New Members

    Good afternoon everyone! I have never posted to the forums before but I just have to ask your opinions on an issue.

    I belong to an all volunteer EMS department which has operated as a non-profit organization. In May, a new Fire Protection District was formed and our equipment and members transferred to the district. We have a total of 19 members and about 10 of those members are active and do most of the work, calls, etc.
    The new district board, which happens to be comprised of our own members, appointed a new chief ( a member for less than a year but with prior fire experience) and the new chief asked for an assistant chief and 3 LTs to be appointed. Last night at the board meeting the chief made his recommendations to the board from the list of 5 people who had expressed their interest in the positions. 4 of the 5 were experienced, trained, long time team members and the 5th was a new member of less than 4 months with no prior experience in fire or ems and fresh out of First Responder training. Much to my shock and surprise, one of the chiefs recommendations was this new member. Bigger shock was the board accepted his recommendations!
    My question to all of you is this......Does your department have any requirements in your SOP's/SOG's that require a person to hold membership for a certain length of time and have a certain level of experience before they would be considered for an officers position? If so, what are your requirements?
    Does this seem way off base to any of you that a brand new member, barely voted onto the team, fresh out of First Responder class would be chosen for an LT position over other experienced members? Did I just witness a popularity contest last night?
    I had previously belonged to another all volunteer district and their requirement was 2 years service, FF-I and EMT-B minimum training for officer level.

    I would like to present a recommendation to our board that there be a minimum one year service and minimum FF-I and EMT-B level training for members to be appointed to an officer position.
    I would appreciate any imput from other departments.


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    Give me a sec and I figure it out


    Is this guy buddy-buddy with the people who voted him in? Are the other people who didn't get promoted not liked by the powers that be? If so than let me welcome you to the 'good old boy' system. I can assure you that this problem is not limited to your department, or even volunteer fire departments. This is the old fashioned way of doing things and I know first hand how frustrating it can be. Gather the opinions of the membership and see their thoughts are on this. Try to come up with a standard for ALL positions, and get it voted in. In my dept you have to be FF-2, EMT-B, 4 years fire experience, you have to have been a qualified driver/engineer and have a basic wildland class and extrication tech to be able to become a Lt. These qualifications were set by the line members and voted in by the line members. Thier is also a written test with questions that come right out of the IFSTA and EMT-B manuals. The only other thing I can tell you is watch out for this guy. Keep your eyes open on calls and if he consistantly screws up, have everyone tell the chief that you refuse to ride with him because you have no confidence in his ability.
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    Officer requirements:

    2nd Lt.
    - At least 3 years Active membership
    - State Certified Fire Fighter 1
    - Incident Command Level 1
    - Basic Pump Operations

    1st Lt.
    - Must have served as 2nd Lt. for at least 1 year
    - Basic Truck Operations

    - Must have served as 1st Lt. for at least 1 year

    Deputy Chief
    - Must have served as Captain for at least 1 year

    - Must have served as Deputy Chief for at least 1 year

    Not overly difficult requirements, but at least it's something. We are volunteer and do not run EMS.
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    Default Hope this helps, good luck!

    WTFD Requirements to apply for Captain position:

    Must have served at least 5 years on department.

    Hold current Ohio EMT certification.

    Hold Ohio Volunteer Firefighter certification.

    Have good attendance and department dedication.

    Interact well with others at events, drills and incidents.

    Have some specialized training such as incident command, haz mat or Paramedic.

    Pass written exam.

    Pass practical exam.

    Pass an interview with the Chief and 3 Assistant Chiefs, in which questions may be asked about different incidents or situations.

    All Captains undergo a yearly review which consists of:

    Must have good attendance at drills and calls.

    Review several fire and EMS calls they were responsible for.

    Have 12 continuing education credits per year.

    Review several of the drills they were responsible for.

    Maintain an active EMT certification.

    Interact well with Firefighters, officers, other departments and the public.

    Pass an interview with the four Chiefs.

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