hello all,
a retired firefighter needs some help. my mother in law is going to be getting a kidney from my wife early next month. while the medical costs for the donor are covered by medical insurance and the duke medical center in durham n.c.. there are a few things that insurance and aw dont allow for.
while i will be getting my normal pension,my wife will be getting only 50% of her salary. we can live on that. the cost of traveling 2 and 1/2 hours to duke and the cost of my staying there for four to five days is not covered. we have already put over 1000.00 dollars into travel and lodding just for testing and preperation for this surgurey
i have figured that the cost for the week of the transplant to be about 450.00 dollars. the kidney foundation has been of little help so far. my son will be in his first year of college and will be staying at home in charlote to go to school.
i have been giving blood so that we will have any that is needed at the time of the transplant.
if anyone is intrested in helping. we will add your name to the donor support list at duke and you wil get a card of thanks. i will be giving my support to my father in law during the transplant. he will be stayiong in durham for about 14 days.
you can contact duke medical center for verification at 919-684-5859 ask for miss lislie hicks in reference to the transplant of mrs carlyon calkins.
if you would like to asist. you can contact me at bilfdny@bellsouth.net or my wife at mjls2@bellsouth.net
you can also call 704-536-0380 for any information
thank uyou bil schmidt