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    Default Kitchen Fire demonstrator

    We have been using a small trailer suitably lined and outfitted to demonstrate the hazards of, and correct response to kitchen fires.
    The trailer can be towed behind a light truck and has side opening doors with fold down steps to reveal a kitchen bench with a stove in the centre with a gas burner ring mounted on it powered from a BBQ cylinder mounted on the trailer drawbar.
    A large saucepan is placed on the gas ring with about half a pint of cooking oil in it and allowed to overheat to the point of ignition. A firefighter then demonstrates extinguishing the flames alternatly with a wet Tea towel, an oven tray and a chopping board also demonstrating how with no cooling effect the fire can easily reignite if the smothering device is removed too quickly. For a finale a long pole is used to tip a small amount of water into the pot to show the disasterous effect of the boilover that can result.
    It makes a great display for any public gathering and works well as a drawcard for other fire safety handouts. Anyone wanting more information could e mail me. jimthefireman@firehousemail.com

    Jim Maclean
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    Lightbulb Excellent Idea

    This is an excellent idea...I was try to think of a way to teach kitchen safety tips to high school students in Home Economics classes. This idea fits the bill.

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    It would be cool to make a bunch of burn props and burn boxes to have public service announcements on tv to show what can happen when you dont practice safety.
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    We have had what we call the "chip pan unit" for many years, its a great tool for demonstrating what will happen if you allow oil filled pans to overheat. I may have some photos somewhere if anyone would like them.
    United Kingdom branch, IACOJ.

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