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    Lightbulb Equip. Manufacturers, Booming?

    I don't know how many of the fire equipment manufacturers are owned by stockholders, but don't you know that if they are, stock prices should be gaining some momentum these last couple of years. It would be interesting to see a graphic depiction of their stock values\yearly sales prior to the FIRE ACT grant and continuing until now. My thought would be that the graphic would look similar to meeting a very high brick wall from an approch on the sidewalk.

    But let me get back to my original idea. With all the money being thrown at these companies, how well are they meeting the demand? Have they been able to supply their equipment in a timely manner? Scott Aviation expanded their SCBA group, has any more companies done the same? How many of you have ordered equipment based on last year's grant awards, and have yet to see it?

    This year a lot of money will be spent on basic equipment, (i.e. turn-outs, SCBAs, etc.) And like so many other departments, we will be adding to the long list of orders to be filled, and hopefully done within a reasonable amount of time.
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    Post For Example

    The manufacturer of the turnout gear that we placed an order with informed me that it will take our order approx. 6 weeks to fill. ( 6 sets of turnouts) I was also informed that as this award process goes on and more turnout gear is ordered, that they expect the wait will be at least 12 weeks. So if you do recieve a grant, your waiting isn't over.
    Good luck to all!

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