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    Angry How would you handle this?

    I am a career firefighter in a small community and they just formed a fire district that is seperate from the city, so benefits like health insurance will not carry over. I am also the only career firefighter the department has and the likelihood of them finding a good health plan is slim to none for one person. What could I do to correct this situation if anything?

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    Start by doing research on the subject which by defaulght of this thread is a great start.

    I would do all the homework and collect all your options for a presentation to your superiors and let them see what a benifit this would be to long term employee retention and carrer enhancment.

    Look for other options:

    VFIS-Volunteer Fire Insurance Services.
    Get with the State your area and see what they might have available to the small community employee like yourself.
    See if your State Firefighters association has a suplimental Insureance option you might be able to tag on with.
    Contact your communities Insurance carier ie: League of Towns and Cities or whomever your local governement is connected with and see what they might have for you.

    I would do all this research and put gogether as many options as possible and then rate or prioritse them on what you would prefer. Them make the presentation to your superiors and let them make the choice.

    I think it is really, really importent to win over your bosses and also do all the footwork for them so all they have to do is say sounds good and sign off on it.
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    Have you looked into the county's insurance? We are on our county workman's comp when "toned out". Your county may be willing to enroll you in their policy for health insurance.
    Good luck on your endeavors.

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    Find out what they are doing for the cops, county employees, city/village employees, or ask for a raise to cover three hundred bucks worth of self-insurance.

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    In addition to the above suggestions, you might be able to tie into the state employees health plan. If not, contact your local state reps and explain the problem. You might become eligible.

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    Default Here are a few Ideas!!!!!

    Check with the Chamber of Commerce, if you have one… Our offers a health plan. I can’t think of anything else unless you’re a Veteran. Then you can get health Benefits through the VA. Just food for thought…
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