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    Angry Drunk FF chases down, assaults black man?

    Did this really happen? What a jerk!


    Three thoughts:

    1. This is why we don't allow alcohol in the station.
    2. People can quit acting like the only racists are in the south.
    3. This guy gives new meaning to m-..., uh, "bad person".

    Throw the book at him!
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    Default This Why Volunteers get Bad Names

    Not sure if this actually happened The Newspaper article seems pretty accurate. Who in the he** are a couple of back-woods drunken idiots hanging out in front of a Fire House to beat on a citizen of the community ? What gives them the right to even remotley think about chasing down someone in a Fire Dept. Vehicle ? I know why.....They're members of a small town fire comapny that probably answers 4 calls a year and drinking is common place for them. Hell, We already know Arson and Homicide is among their training program. They lit the Fires so that they would have calls to respond to.....You need to blow the dust off the crank handle before you can start that old truck. --- They probably have the mind set that they are the best firefighters to roam the earth.....Fire Starters maybe....+

    These drunks outside the fire house saw a black man drive by and took ofense to it....Why ? who knows. And they beat him down. I'm a white guy and I wouldn't never dream of doing such a thing....All people no matter what their color deserve to be respected. But because Bubba, Billy-Joe-Jim-Bob, Buck, and Jim-Bob-Billy-Joe had nothing else better to do they got drunk and beat on a neighbor. What kind of sense does it make.....None but I will say this ....It's instances like these that stick out in peoples minds and give Volunteer Fire Departments across this country the bad name we receive. We're all labled as drunken bumbs that set fires to have something to. Well my company does allow beer....But in the Company Room Only. The Company Room is away from the public eye and beer isn't allowed in the engine room or on the apron at all.....Not that it makes it right but to be a bunch of jack-asses is what gives volunteers bad raps.
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    What in the world would make this guy do such a thing. I say expel, and get rid of this guy and any of the others who allowed it to happend should at least get a suspension.
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    What do you call 32 North Braddock volunteer fire fighters in a row?

    A full set of teeth...

    Abolish the whole lot, even the ones that didn't actually participate, they could have at least prevented it.
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