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    Talking Help out a brother with an application......

    Hey guys I'm a 19 year old trying to get hired anywhere I can much like you guys when you were first startin!! I am currently filling out an application for a department here in New Jersey. 1 of the questions asked is that always evil "Why do you want to be a Firefighter? What makes you qualified for the position?" Im seeking out your experience and knowledge to please steer me in the right direction with this question!!! Thanks guys and stay safe!!

    Kenny Warr Jr.

    Waldwick Fire Dept.
    Hawthorne Fire Dept. Engine Co. 3

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    I was number one on my list, not blowing my own horn but to back up what i say, this book really, really helped me score very high. If u are serious about getting on get and apply this book:
    Fire Dept Oral Interviews: Procedures and Practices by Gene Mahoney its put out by fire enginering, itll answer the question u brought up and many others u will have, good luck.

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    Be honest and let them know you are eager to learn. And above all don't act like a WACKER, thats the kiss of death for some people that apply and get rejected in my area.
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    Be honest, don't lie. Just tell them the truth.


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    Those questions sound pretty straightforward to me.

    So...Why do you want to be a firefighter? What makes you qualified for the position?

    They don't want to hear the standard generic answers that 95% of the candidates will give, they want to hear your personal reasons that they won't hear from somebody else. As soon as they hear a clone answer, their eyes will glaze over, and they will be thinking, "Geez, that's only about the tenth time I've heard that answer today!", and all they'll hear from you is "Blah blah blah blah blah."

    Good luck.
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    Thumbs up

    Honesty and list that you want to be part of a team, they like team work. We do not want to hear about your individual accomplishments, we are looking for a member of a.TEAM
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