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    I have a question for you.
    How many departments allow members to work on apparatus? I don't mean basic mantaince. I'am talking about major work on the pump itself. Of course the member must be fully qualified, but my concern lies with liability. If something was fixed wrong I'am concerned the department may be held responsible for damages. I live in Canada so it may be a little different up here. Just wanted to know if anybody ever heard of such a situation.Thanks stay safe.

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    In our department we do all the maintenance on the trucks because we can not afford to hire someone to work on them. We have not had a problem with liability and I don't think we ever would, but that is a good question. We just don't have any choice due to the lack of funds. I am sure there are several out there that are in the same boat as we are.
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    Our mechanic, who is a sworn firefighter is an ASE certified mechanic, currently he is the full time mechanic on days, but volunteer or full time the liability is the same.
    Many manufacturers have maint. classes for their equipment. A successful completion of these classes would do also. ALF, E-One, Pierce, Waterous all have maint and repair classes.

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    you can always get in touch with someone with NAEVT (National Association of Emergency Vehicle Technicians) and get their imput. On my dept if something we can fix we do it ourself, very few times have we actually put the fire truck in a shop. This is mostly due to funding also.
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