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    Default 9/11 and your company/post

    Ok, as we all know September 11th is comming up. What is your company or post going to do to remember what happened on Sept 11?

    At my High School, there's going to be a memorial service and the 5 towns that send there kids there (Hi-Nella, Magnolia, Stratford, Somerdale, and Laurel Springs) are suppose to have there Fire and Police departments there.

    The Juniors of my company were given Class A Uniforms of members who aren't with the company anymore, so we get to wear Class A's.
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    We're having a memorial service at 1000 at the station, which I will not be able to attend because of school. At 1445, there will be a memorial service at school as well. And at 1900, we will be going out into the county for a memorial service.
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