Recently, in an effort to improve my physical conditioning to get in shape so I can be of any kind of value to my hometown department, I recently started a Pennysaver type delivery route that involves a great deal of walking even while working off plastic tote boxes on the back of my pickup. This not only makes me a little extra money, but it gets me working pretty good. not only is several miles of walking each weekend a feature, but so is the lifting of 3 68 lb tote boxes on an off the truck when loaded. I hope this is a good start as I am getting ready to ramp up my program some more. I want to give back to my hometown department which was there in time of need, namely, my 1997 traffic accident in Wyoming County, NY. Am I on the right track with this? What other homework do I need to do in the meantime? Suggestions and ideas are most appreciated. I just run my truck to the central location from which I will be working, load my back and walk the portion of the route worked from each central spot.