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    What do different posts do to raise money? I am an advisor for as small post that needs to buy uniforms. My Chief offered to buy them, but I want my explorers to work for them. We did th carwash thing, we need help with this. Anybody with ideas let me know.
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    Spagetti dinner, pancake breakfast, hots and hamburgs at a craft sale, selling coupon books. The best one we ever did was a pancake breakfast, we had everything donated, and pancakes are very easy to make, we also had sausages that were cooked with a George Forman grill. It went really well, and we made a lot of money.

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    Smile Fund Raising

    Fund raising is a hard issue to deal with. You never know what will be successful, or vice versa. I have a few suggestions for you however... Teen dances are often good ways to make money. You need to make sure you have good advertising, and the proper facilities. Another suggestion is shirt sales. Our Jr.'s purchased a lot of t-shirts and polo's with a picture of our hall and some trucks on the front. So far the shirts have sold off lie hot cakes. Another suggestion is a new thing through Hershey I believe which is called Fireman Candy Bars. What they are is candy bars that are sold in boxes in stores. The bars cost 1.00 a piece and all the proceeds go to you. These are just some suggestions. Fund raising can be fun.
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    ricky, would you happen to have any info on the candy bar sales? a website maybe that i could take a look at? Thanks

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