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    Question What is your vollie dept doing Wednesday?

    Just wondering for ideas for a suitable thing for our Dept to do on Wednesday. Do you have anything planned?

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    Default 9/11 services

    We are doing a few things to remember the 9/11 events. 1) We were invited to a local church for a memorial service yesterday. 2). On 9/11 we are doing two events. First, at 9:00 we are having a reading of all the firefighter names in front of the main firehouse. Second, at 7:00 pm there is a townwide memorial service on the town green. We are placing one paper bag with a lightstick for each person that we killed on 9/11. The one thing we all agreed to we to not allow this day to become a political event for anyone to push their agenda. If this starts to happen we all will leave the area and conclude our remembrance at one of the firehouses.
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    We are following the IAFC suggested guidlines. I will be in my class A's. Not to many of the vollys have uniforms, as we have to buy them. I bought mine when we had a lodd in a neighboring dept. Most will be in the dept. issued t-shirts, but who really cares what the members are wearing.
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    At the local High School (which i happen to attend 10th grade there) There will be a memorial service for 9/11. 5 Fire And Police departments are invited to come, the five towns that send there kids there are the ones who will attend.

    Class A's for the Senior AND Junior members. We all now have class A uniforms. Mainly from the members who aren't there anymore, we were given those uniforms.

    So thats what my company is doing that night.
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    Sunday evening was a memorial and processional from our Catholic church to the station. That was our "big thing" for the rememberance.

    Tomorrow's activities include:
    -- a flag ceremony sponsored by the local elderly assisted living center (they do a lot of community activities open to the public)
    -- There's a ceremony & lunch at the town's schools
    -- Flags at half-staff (per the Governor)

    Neighboring town is also holding a ceremony at the high school football field.

    I'll be at work though, with a small crew who are in town during the day attending the ceremonies.

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    Same thing we did last year... The chief will be building houses, the captain flying his plane, Me-the butcher & baker will be cutting and baking, and so on for the rest of the members. And if, god forbid the fire whistle blows, or the pagers go off. We'll do what ever we need to, other wise. The flag was lowered to half staff, the town bell rang once every 10 seconds from 5am to 9pm. The atmosphere felt somber, and sad. But we still had to get on with our lives. Which is what I think many people have been trying to do, is get back into their pre-9/11 routien...

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