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    Question thermal imaging camera

    if any body out there has a thermal imaging camera at thier fire hall or has used one in the past I would like to hear from you. My dept. is in the process of raising money to buy one at around 16,000.00. But we have never really been around them except for in the class room. Which ones are the best picture, ect. Any input will help me out so very much. thank you spankie

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    We used Nifti's a whle bunch on my cutter, but now that I'm on land I don't see much of them anymore for anything but an occassional electric, attic or chimney fire.

    The Navy and Coast Guard has been using them for at least a decade. I'll have to check on what brand we use, but I didn't find them very useful for anything but small isolated fires sine everything on a boat is metal and conducts heat very well thus fogging the whole darn thing up...

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