MOSCOW, Sept 8 (Reuters) - Flights at two Moscow airports
were disrupted for several hours on Sunday, as thick smog from
forest fires which has been shrouding the city for days reduced
Interfax news agency said flights at Domodedovo and Vnukovo
airports in Moscow were delayed in the first half of the day,
but were back on schedule by Sunday afternoon. Both airports
operate international and domestic flights.
A spokesman at Sheremetyevo airport, Moscow's main
international gateway, said flights there continued as normal.
Domodedovo's duty manager told RIA news agency that the
decision to fly had been left up to the aircraft captains in
several cases.
"Because of the thick fog the airport was hardly working
from 9 a.m. (0500 GMT)," the duty manager said.
Thick smoke, which has blotted out the Kremlin spires and
other Moscow landmarks over the last week and crept into homes,
offices and metro stations, is spewing out from hundreds of
fires in forests and peat bogs on the city's eastern fringes.
Doctors have advised those vulnerable to the smog --
children, pregnant women and people suffering from respiratory
problems or heart defects -- to stay indoors and keep their
doors and windows closed.
Thousands of fire-fighters have been battling the blazes,
which are raging after one of the hottest summers on record.
Medical officials have assured Muscovites that there is no
lasting danger to those in good health despite the fact carbon
monoxide levels are well above normal.