This poem was sent to me last year and I would like to share it again with everyone.

They Gave Their All

They joined to make a difference
But they weren't looking for a halo
But little did they know
That God would choose them for a hero

They were just ordinary people
Just like you and I
They never dreamed that nine-eleven
Would be their day to die

With no thought for their own safety
They rushed in to do their best
To rescue all the wounded
and shed tears for all the rest

They never thought, or stopped to wonder
Can I help my fellow man
They only prayed, Please God
Let me help however I can

To their friends, and to their families
Stand with pride, and stand up tall
To the world, they are all heroes
For they truly gave their all.

May God bless this great nation and we will never forget.

Wife of GA Firefighter