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    Default My song for the surviving spouses of 9/11

    My name is Scott Jones, a 36 year old professional musician and songwriter from St. Louis, MO.

    My father, now 59, is a retired firefighter in from Creve Coeur, MO (St. Louis)

    Last year, 2 days after the 9/11 attacks, my songwriting partner and I wrote a song called "Rise Up From the Ashes", that offered a message of hope for those family members who lost loved ones on that day. From the song being written, a benefit conert was inspired a month later, that raised over $10,000, which was donated to the NYC Backstoppers Fund. Attending were over 800 in our community, and many from the local Fire Departments.

    I am posting this, to make you aware of the song, so that it might have a chance of getting through to those who might get some comfort through it's message.

    I have no aspirations to make a dime of profit from the song, but would like to offer it the families who were devastated by their loss.

    As, I said, I am a professional musician and have a web site on which the song is located in .mp3 and streaming Real Player (.ram) format...the lyrics are also available as well.

    The recording is from the live performance of the song, from the benefit concert, performed by my co-writer, Mindy Howell, and myself and my band at my church, where I've been Music Director and guitarist for 13 years.

    Here's the link to the page on my site, where the song resides.

    Feel free to download it and play it for anyone who might find comfort in it...

    My motives are pure. I just want the message in the song to reach those affected.

    I also lost my 1st wife to cancer 5 years ago, so I know something of this kind of loss, and wanted to use that experience in this, as well...

    The link to the song called "Rise Up From the Ashes":

    My Benefit Page

    Thank you for your time, and thank you for your sacrifice...you have no idea how much I appreciate it...


    Scott Jones
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