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    Default My Reflections. of 9-11

    I wrote this poam on Sept 16th 2001 after spending 24 hours in NYC with of a team of E.M.S worker's from Washington Co.. Like so many other people I did what I could but wanted to do so much more. I posted it in Sept of that same year in the Meet and Greet forum and since it has been 1 year I decided to re post it. It is in memory to those who were lost and too all those who survived. I hope who ever reads this likes it.

    My Reflections

    A flag flew high upon some rubble were great building's once stood.
    It serves as a symbol to our nation that a tragedy has occured.
    And to all those who see it and witness it's meaning it reflects an eerie sight.
    That thousands are burried underneath it never to see sun light.
    They only went to work that day, how could they realize.
    That a terrorist act against our country would forever change their lives.
    Mom's and Dad's, Son's and Daughter's never to come home.
    When all they realy want to know is what we had done wrong.
    We sent New York's best that day, Fire, E.M.S and Police.
    Only to become among the trapped that now need to be freed.
    "We sent them in, we will bring them out" I heard one firefighter say.
    We will not stop till the last one's home to their final resting place.
    Millions mourn, while thousands work to free who still is trapped.
    But as the days go by we wonder who we will bring back.
    Day and night with out a break, the workers never stop.
    They dig with tool's, they dig by hand, never giving up.
    Thousands lost there lives that day its still hard to believe.
    That our nation has come together.
    To help, to heal, to greive.
    The flag that fly's upon that pile waving in the wind.
    Gives us hope that someday soon we will feel safe again.
    It brings back memories of a time not so long ago.
    Were solder's rasied our flag in glory with all their heart and sole.
    Now that flag we raise with pride of a nation that is strong.
    To show commitment for our country to all those who did wrong.


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    Hi Kelly,just wanted to say,that was a great poem.

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