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    Smile How I Survived a 55 mph Headon Collision

    It was a misty rainy Tuesday on July 21, 1997 and I was on my way back to my hometown of Perry,NY from visiting a friend in nearby Batavia,NY and driving a 1984 Ford Ranger pickup with utility body back of the cab. The truck was a bright yellow in color and the highway was NY 246 enroute to Perry. At about 10:25 am, a grey Pontiac 6000 stationwagon crossed the center line and impacted with my Ranger head on. Both vehicles were travelling at 55 mph. At the time of the accident, my gas tank was nearly full, which was one factor in my favor. Soon after, the wonderful Perry Fire Department responded with their Rescue truck, an engine and three ambulances and a Mercy Flight helicopter also responded and reached the scene relatively quickly. The lower part of my steering wheel was bent toward the dashboard. My seatbelt/shoulder harness held me firmly in place. The fireman who came over to my vehicle recognized me and kept me apprised of what was going on and how the rescue operation was to proceed. The driver who had caused it, was the first to be extricated from his vehicle and transferred to the chopper as he was the most seriously hurt of the four of us involved. Once the occupants of the car that plowed into me were safely out, it was my turn and the Perry crew went to work on cutting my door open so they could get me out. One firefighter put a collar on my neck as a precautionary measure, which I told him it was a wise precaution, then two other firefighters slipped a backboard behind me so they could get me onto the guerney for the trip to the Warsaw,NY hospital.At that time it was determined that a smashed right heal was my only injury of consequence and very painful at that. It took three ambulances and one helicopter to get everyone to the hospital. I was in for just 3 days and surgery took just about an hour. I cannot thank the Perry Fire Department and the Ambulance crew enough, which is why I want to volunteer to help them out any way I can. It was a rescue job every bit as profesional as you can get from any paid department. Perry's equipment may not always be the newest, but it is everybit as good as the newer rigs found in most big city departments. Based in this experience, I regard Perry Fire Department as a shining example of what a top notch small town fire department should be. These guys, like those of FDNY, are the greatest. God bless 'em all and God bless America. My thanks for a job well done.
    Jim Mancuso

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    I'm glad to see a decent ending. So many of our citizens suffer much , much more. You probably look at the world a bit different now.

    Keep smilin!

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