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    Default Never answer a classified ad that reads:

    For Sale - Parachute
    Like new. Never opened. Small stain. Call 555-3476.

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    How I learned to respect fire!

    The year, 1959. I was 7 years old. Second grade as I recall. What a wonderful time for a kid. You were still allowed to burn leaves in the backyard. Mom and Dad had finished raking the dried fragments and stuffed them into an old metal garbage can. One match and WHOOOOOF....a blazing inferno inside the can. Oh...what a wonderful smell, drifting through the neighborhoods.

    Yep...that baby burned for hours and hours.

    Then I got this bright idea. Don't know why...I guess common sense hadn't become part of my cranial functions yet. Okay...lets pick up this ol' barrel and move it back to the side yard.

    One hand here..the other there....and LIFT! OH...HOT..HHHHHHOT...RED HOT!!!

    No gloves, no fear, no brains. I picked that sucker up for about three seconds before the pain set in ...and SEARED into my brain!

    The result? Second degree burns, blistered my palms...peeled off some skin. Wound up at the Doctor's office...bandaged every square inch of my hands. I learned...very fast, a respect of fire...that is with me til this day!

    The only good thing was that I couldn't possibly write...or even hold things in my hands. School was a breeze for a few weeks!!
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