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    Smile Tribute To the Fallen Heroes of FDNY

    The following is my tribute to the Fallen Heroes of FDNY. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you:

    At a Gotham Station the men and women soon hear a gong.
    Soon Sirens sing their urgent song. "Make Way, Make Way,
    For New York's Bravest are on the Way. Short and Tall and
    Faithful and True, New York's Bravest are coming to Save You.

    As the first truck approaches the scene, the men up front look
    through the big windscreen. As the sirens sing their urgent song,
    the Captain and crew work to find out what is wrong. Most of the
    time without a doubt, the engine crew soon has the fire out.

    Then on a day called 9-1-1, little did many know, they would make
    their final run. For to WTC came roaring out of the blue, two large jets that hit Towers One and two. By day's end many people would be
    sad and blue, for no longer would 343 of New York's bravest come save You. By the time the disaster was through, there was nothing left of Tower One or Tower Two.

    As it became apparent as to who was no longer alive, the dreaded signal came known as 5-5-5-5. Thus over the city was cast a tragic pall, for 343 of the Bravest had answered their final call. Some Stations lost one, some lost all, each man was one of the bravest of them all. God told each man," take a well earned rest, for you have indeed done your best."

    It is time to Give FDNY a big hand, for their members are the best in all the land. God bless one and God bless all, God bless America above All.
    Jim Mancuso

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    That was great. Good job. I didnt even know any of the firefighters that perrished and everyday I look at the pictures of all the guys that we lost and wish they were all still here. God bless all FDNY.
    Andrew J. LaPrise

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