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    Default In thought of our lost brothers

    On a day soo hard to make sense of, I thought I would share something I wrote , maybe this is how I see him now(my Dad. Thought it might help someone else. ( When Im Gone ) When Im gone from your side and all you tears have dried ...please dont stand at my grave and weap, for Im not there,I do not sleep. I am a hundred winds that blow, I am a stars shiny glimmer in the snow, I am the sunlight on ripened grain, Iam a gentle autmns rain. When you awake in the morning Im the uplifting rush, that keeps the birds in flight. Im the cool and gentle breeze that holds the stars at night. If you take a stroll in the late noon hours and smell the aroma of some beutiful flowers and think of me , you will not need to cry... for if you think, I did not really die. I was chosen by the Lord , I sit now in His care. when you come to need Me , look inside your heart I promise to be there. I was alittle scared of things to come unseen, but God said Im an angel who may wonder in your dreams. No one can break the bond that we still share together for I will always be your special friend for now and till heaven , forever. So if you come to loose your way, or the road just seems to far, just look up into heaven and Ill be your shining star. My spirit now with me , will always be free, Im an Angel now, theres no need to cry for me ..... Warm regards to all my brothers on this very hard day FF Scott V

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    To the memory of all the 9/11 victims and firefighters, all of you are in my prayers.

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