"I THOUGHT" (dedicated to the victims' loved ones, who have lost a part of themselves forever)

I thought I heard you crying
Til I awakened to these tears
I swear your eyes were sparkling
As I held your picture near
I even saw you smiling
How your smile fills up my heart
We dreamed about the future
Now our dreams are blown apart
I thought I felt you kiss me
When I caught a soft warm breeze
I know I heard you praying
As I dropped down to my knees
You whispered 'I love you'
While you danced among the clouds
I reached to pull you closer
Then I softly touched the ground
I swear you cried 'I need you'
Was I hearing my own voice?
We vowed to share forever
Til a madman denied our choice...

Diane S. 9/12/01