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    Default "Daddy" (9/11 poem)

    "DADDY" (with love to the innocent children, who have suddenly found themselves living in a grown-up world and will be forced to confront the years to come, without the hugs and support of their daddies)

    Daddy do I hear you
    Walking in the living room?
    Mommy told me yesterday
    That you'd be home real soon
    Daddy can you hold me?
    I'm afraid to go to bed
    Help me lose these pictures
    Of the plane crash in my head
    Please read me a story
    Maybe then I will forget
    That Mommy's still crying
    'Cause you haven't come home yet
    After you've put out the fire
    And you've filled the car with gas
    Can you take the short way home
    So you can get here fast?
    I'm trying not to worry
    I think mom will be okay
    You see we really miss you
    And it's hard when you're away
    Just more thing dear Daddy
    You gonna be so proud of me
    I scored a goal this morning
    And we beat them four to three
    Please be home by Sunday
    For our game against the Bears
    A goal would mean so much more
    If you were standing there
    I'll say my prayers tomorrow
    Just like every night before
    I know Mom will stop crying
    Once she hears you at the door...

    Diane S. 9/11/01

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    that poem was beautiful. It put a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. Thank you for posting it.
    God Bless our wonderful country.

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    Thank you for taking the time to let me know that my poem touched you. 9/11 forced me to confront the heartbreak, caused by my awareness that the tragedy left so many little ones struggling to keep their daddies close to them through the memories in their hearts and missing the role these great men played in their lives and happiness. I thought of the unborn children who will never be held in their father's arms and will only get to know and learn to love their daddies through the photographs and stories that they'll be shown and told. "Daddy" helped me to release some of the pain, but my heart still aches for these tiny victims who can't possibly understand what we adults find to be incomprehensible.


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