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    Lightbulb Fire Prevention Week

    Fire Prevention Week is coming up!

    I need some good ideas for kids from 3rd grade & older.
    Also, for those who still give Tot Finder Stickers, the most inexpensive place I've found was Roberts Company, Inc.- toll free # is (800)729-1482.

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    I teach students from K-6 all week during FPW. My main topics include Operation EDITH and how to practice exit drills with your family, stop-drop-roll practice and general fire safety practices. I break the kids up into two groups (K-3 and 4-6) and use age appropriate videos for each group (Sparky, Seymore Smoke, Donald Duck etc.).

    I also have a set up with a robot dog named Flashy for the kids in "Head-Start" programs and pre-schoolers that uses songs in place of the videos. Some of my other topics are things like "lighters are tools and not toys", "don't run toward the street to see the fire trucks"

    I'm not the one who orders the stuff we use but I can get the info for someone who needs it.
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    Thanks for the input Engine!

    We'll be teaching EDITH and all the basic fire safety material.
    I'm just kinda looking for a little different approach this year. A lot of the older kids have heard it all before and I need something to catch everyone's attention. We send them all through the smokehouse, and show the apparatus and a donned firefighter. We even let the little one's spray water and wear our gear. (They love it!)
    They all get literature and some kind of gift. It's all good, but getting a little routine. I like the idea of the songs for the younger kids. I would appreciate a tip on where to could get some lyrics on-line.
    It always impresses me how the little bitty ones remember what we taught them, but I'd like to make this year even more memorable.

    Of all the different types of scenes I've experienced as a firefighter over the years, the only ones that leave me feeling completely satisfied are the schools and our kids during Fire Prevention Week.
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