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    Arrow SCBA Air Supply Usage

    Hey Gang!

    I am doing a project on the use of air by a human being under different levels of activity, such as: sitting, walking, and jogging. I plan on using an SCBA for my air supply and taking measurements. Does anybody know of a website that provides information on a test such as this that would help me with my experiment? And if any of you have any comments or suggestions, that would be helpful. Thanks!

    Lee Bright

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    not a website but the August issue of Fire Rescue has an article on SCBA usage during emergencies. also in the article is a small part on air consumption. it has a diagram for setting up an obstacle course to measure air consumption. i'm working on the details for my dept to go through it.

    hopes this helps some.
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    Bio Systems has some information with their SCBA test equipment.
    NFPA has some information in the SCBA standards.
    You might check with a respiratory thgerapist at your local hospital, I believe most of them have a set up to measure the volume of air used dureing different activities.
    Good Luck.

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    Contact the closest University to you that has an Exercise Physiology department. They have the equipment, interest and perhaps grant money to help you complete your survey and at the least good literature reviews to help you develop your hypotheses and get you on your way! GOOD LUCK!

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    Default NFA

    I dont know if its too late for you, but you can call the NFA, and they will send you a tone of information on any subject pertaining to Fire for free, they are great and are open year round 24 hours a day
    the number is
    1800-638-1821, they may ask you what dept you are from, if you are not in a dept then just explain to them that you are a student studying fire tech, and they will assist you.
    Hope that helps
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