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    Default Strategic Thoughts...or a Pic to Think!

    So, what is Plan B when you're main water line is taken out?

    The pic is from Worcester, MA last night (9/12) when a train with an apparantly too high load hit the high pressure 30" main alongside an overpass. Temporarily it knocked half the city off-line for water, and even once water was restored it was at lower-than-normal pressures and currently is very rusty as parts of the water grid that don't usually get a lot of use are pushed to the max!

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    In my township, while we have hydrants, we are surrounded by areas that do not have municipal water supplies. They have tankers, which form "tanker task forces" for working jobs. In a drill we did about a month ago, we demonstrated that we could supply two 1 3/4" water lines, a ladder pipe, and a Stang gun from a water shuttle operation with three dump tanks, three pumpers, and four tankers.

    So, most likely the chief would arrange with the county to have a tanker task force dispatched on anything over a local box assignment.

    Good question!
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    Why? It's not like you're going to visit me! But I'm near Waco, Texas


    most of our area is not covered with hydrants. in this case it would be business as usual. use tankers to haul water in. our two tankers can haul 2500 gallons and mutual aid can be bring close to 10,000 more if needed on first load.
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    Ahh yes the railroad industry at its finest-even I gotta shake my head on this one. That probally was caused by either the top or bottom container not being seated right in the bed of that carwhich (not trying to defend the crew they should of caught that)is the crane operators error,because there the ones who put it in the car-speed is key in the intermodel industry,but obviously this is going too far!!! Dal let me guess it was probally a CSX train???? Conrail had a similar one in Palmer in 1998 only it damaged the highway bridge and derailed half the train because the top container was askew and hit a protrudeing granite stone,no one was hurt.

    I never like when people say a train "derailed" that could mean a wheel came of a track or the whole trian is in a ditch leaking propane and and ready to level the town.

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    Guilford a couple years ago ground out the top of the Hoosac tunnel to handle double stacks.

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    Since we drag our water where ever we go, 32k gal in the tanker, 3x1k gal port-a-tanks, 500gal pumper, 150gal fast attack, and 3 other tankers from 2 mutual aid districts: As Ryan said, business as usual.

    For everyone else, well that situation sucks real hard, and I hope that there are no other fire calls until the problem is fixed. That would make life just far to interesting for good health.

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    Unhappy Neat......

    I wish I had that much water to waste here in the Mid-Atlantic.... Malahat 2-7, is that a 3.2K tanker? And dfdex, It's probably the P&W, there will be a mention in the news section in the Fan Mags, you can bet on it. Now, If someone will knock down the blue flag, line me to the main, and I can find run 8 on this thing.......... Stay Safe....
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