Our local Eagles Club had a year long fund raising campaign for our department to purchase TICs. They pick one worthy organization every year and the national matches their donation, this year it was us. We have taken the money they gave us and added it to state money we are getting to put towards this purchase.

We have so far tested out the Scott, MSA and Bullard cameras all with telemetry options. We have put them through a few field tryouts and so far the Bullards have come out on top. The selection commitee has the final say in the matter and will make their decision soon.

The main reason I am posting this info is not realy to brag about our good fortune but to let everyone know that your local Eagles club (wich is like the Elks or Moose or Kiwanis) has a National program of fund raising for just this kind of situation and would recomend others do the same. If you can't convince your city to shell out the cash for a TIC let someone else who wants to help do it for them.