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    Default Need info on Federal Firefighting

    I'm a full-time fire fighter in S.C. I just made Lt. in feb. I.A.F.F. member(former sec.) My wife is looking at the Air Force and the recruiter (civilian related job = used car sales) told me that I would be a 'shoe-in' for the F.D. on base. Even indicated that I would be put on top of the list.

    My questions: How hard is it to really get a job? I saw another post on here and the guy was talking about being GS ???? and a pt system of some kind. What kind of schedule do they have? Pay? Is it possible/feasable to attend school while being an employee? ie. getting shift exchanges or working around it somehow

    Any information would be really helpfull or even a web page.


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    More like a used Yugo salesman. Most Fed Fire requires that you either have or obtain DOD FFII certification in the first year. If yoo are Pro Board certified already your good to go. Some states certs are also acceptable. You would likely start as a GS-05. The job series is GS-0081. I attahced some websites below. The series search will help you find an opening. Type 0081 in the series block. The rest is self explanatory. For the locality pay tables open the locality link and look for the area you will be. This is basic GS worker pay. When you open the Pay Computation URL it will show you how to calculate your actual wage.

    Some things to think about. You might get priority spouse placement at her first posting but you will likely have to break service everytime she moves and a new job at the new post is not guaranteed. We work 72 hour work weeks, each base has different schedules. Any way hope the URLs help and good luck.

    Series Search Pay Computation
    Locality Pay Tables
    Brian Johnson
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