Last November 4 of us went to NY even though they had postponed the memorial.It was an unbelivable weekend for us.We attended a memorial for one of the fdny brothers,visited several firehouses,sat down and had coffee and talked with some of them,went to ground zero and was allowed access to areas the general public couldn't.That visit really made a mark in our hearts.To see it on TV is one thing.To walk amongst the ruins and listen to brothers talk about what they were doing that day, will stay in my thoughts forever.
Anyway we convinced 8 more from our dept. to come down with us on Oct. 12.
If you have a chance to go,please do so, it will be the largest gathering of firefighters ever to attend a memorial.If you felt like i felt during the past 12 months,going to this memorial will give you a sense of closure that many of us need.
THank you
Lt. Bob LeBlanc
Moncton Fire Dept. Canada