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    Default Greetings from a new FD Photog

    Hello All!

    Just wanted to say hello, and introduce myself.

    About two months ago I started shooting photos for the Hanson Fire Department up here in Massachusetts. Admittedly, Hanson's a pretty small town and not a lot happens, but I've shot a few MVA's and my first structure fire a couple of nights ago. (It was actually mutual aid to the next town over.) It's not paid work, but it's good experience for me, and the guys like it.

    I grew up with a scanner in the house, and Dad spending nights at the station. He was a full time firefighter/EMT for about five years, and call for much longer.

    I'm hoping there may be other Fire Department photogs that hang out here, in order for me to learn some tips and ideas.
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    Cool Hi Don

    Hi Don and WELCOME to Forums.

    I also do a little picture takeing when I'm not
    working at a fire scene. You are right about the fact
    that the guys love having their picture taken
    at the scene(especialy at a working fire). One of the
    best places to look for questions and such is in the
    buffs area down at the bottom of the forum list.

    What type of equipmet do you use.
    I use a sony digital camra myself. I save alot on
    develoment and I can adjust the photos myself.

    again welcome and hope you have some fun and make
    some new friends here

    Gods Speed to our Troops!

    If you can't stand the heat, Get out of my way !!!

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    I take a lot of photo's at scenes (when I have the time) but I would not consider myself a photographer. I have taken hundreds of MVA photos over the years and have most of them in my photo files on CD or floppy. I hope you have as good of an experience here at FH forums as I have.

    Be safe.

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    Wink Welcome HFD Photog

    I only wish I had the time to take photos at fire scenes, however, being an engine boss...doing initial attack, it's rather difficult to step back and grab some frames. The other problem is...I've got a Nikon F5, Nikon N8008, multiple Nikor lenses, SB-24 flash...filters...tripod, all the equipment needed...BUT would I trust leaving that kind of equipment anywhere on the engine...while I take care of business? Heck no. The result? The equipment collects dust at home....LOL! I gotta make an effort to change that somehow...like maybe buffing the local municipal department calls.

    Anyone out there using the Nikon DX or DH for fire scene photos?
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