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    Default Trailways Bus Crash on I-81 last Thursday

    From my regional paper last Thursday, I had learned that a New York Trailways bus that had departed New York's Port Authority Terminal at 1:35 am , about 20 minutes late, plowed into the rearend of a tractor trailer 25 miles south of Syracuse, its next stop on I81. Does anyone know whose driver (who was killed in the crash) was at the wheel. I got out my Russell's Bus Guide, a May issue of this year and determined that the bus had left Cortland its last stop before Syracuse not long before the accident. Capitol Trailways and Greyhound operate pooled service using each others and NY Trailways buses between Syracuse and Scranton. Can anyone shed any light on this accident? I am getting concerned about these things and am starting to wonder about the caliber of drivers some of these companies are getting. I park and ride with Trailways on occasion when going to Buffalo or Rochester. It seems that we are having too many bus crashes. About a month ago a bus operated by New York Trailways sister company, Adirondack Trailways turned over on the Thruway north of New York City. What is going on here?
    Jim Mancuso

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    About a 3 months ago we had a Jefferson Bus go off a 50ft bridge and land on its side, lucky no one was injured bad, went off the top of the bridge and landed on its side ontop of a building. kinda made a soft landing because the building was a storage building for a mattress company so it was full of matresses. The wreck happened because the drive was reaching for a coffee on the dash, hit the guardrail of the right as you go on the bridge, over-corrected and went through the concrete bridge wall on the left side. another 20ft and they would have landed on a train (in-motion) YIKES!!!

    Be safe

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