We have been having problems with our 5in hose since we have gone to the NFPA locking couplings.
Problem #1.If the hose has any twists in it they will end up at the coupling and if the coupling doesn't rotate the hose ends up looking like a dishrag, cutting off the flow. So we are in the market for someone who builds a true swivel coupling for 5in.
Problem #2. Since every mfg has orientated their locks in different areas on the coupling no one makes a wrench that can be used to rotate the coupling and unlock it at the same time, therefore if you have mixed couplings, they will mate, but it will take at least 2 ff to uncouple them. Any suggestions on that one?
Problem #3. Someone, I forget who, makes a coupling holder that mounts on the tailboard to assist, but not solve, problem #2. If any of you know of this company I need the name.
Over all we have been extremely pleased with the 5in hose. We originally started using them in 1977. Currently all of our engines and trucks (16 units)are so equipped.
Thanks in advance,Blacksheep-1