i am doing research on the hybrids, how to do extrications, battery leaks, recoverys, rollovers, submearged.

i need war stories, has anyone run into special situations?

i am also collecting all the articals and other information i can. please contact me if u have any info.

there are way too many questions that need to be ancered and too many fire, pd and towers that don't have a clue.

i will be putting together a class in the chicago area, in the near future. if u would like to be kept aprised of this please contact5 me.

i will have reps from toyota, honda, and saturn. i will try and get ford but there model has not been released yet, so they7 may not have a clue.

so i need to get a list of pertinent questions that you, as fire personel, need to know. i would like to give the reps time to get as many ancers together as posible as well as to give them a feel for the type of info needed.