God Bless You Laura!
PLATTSMOUTH, Neb. (AP) - The late Laura "Merle" Atkinson has
bequeathed $180,000 to the Plattsmouth Community Foundation and
smaller amounts to the city's fire department and rescue squad.
Atkinson died in July at age 91. She had worked and lived in
Plattsmouth before following her husband, Finis, to Montana and
California. After his death in 1990, she returned to her hometown.
The bequest will provide an endowment to generate money for
various causes in the Cass County community, Foundation President
Mike Schuldt said. Atkinson gave the two-year-old foundation
flexibility in how to use the endowment, he said.
Atkinson's gifts to the fire and rescue units were about $22,500
each, Schuldt said.

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