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    Default New Article Overviewing Grants Program

    Our article based on interviews at FEMA's headquarters last week, which includes many questions from forums users, is now online at


    Feel free to post any unanswered questions here and we'll get them answered if we can.


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    We got the call from our Senator today. I want to take the opportunity to thank the Webteam, the grant writing hints, the live chats and everyone posting info in this forum. I am not, by any means, a grant writer, but without all the help and information received here, we would not have been successful. I credit our success to the lessons learned here.

    We are a small department in a very rural area with a small population and a small run volume. It would seem that there are many more that are much more deserving than us. But, the key lesson here, is that you need to establish a need, show a projected result, and play by the rules. I rejoice with all those who get the call, and I cry with those that do not. I thank all of our brothers and sisters who helped make this possible.

    Don Cheek, Asst. Chief/EMT Ret.
    Lakeview Heights FPD
    Lincoln, MO

    9-11, Never Forget

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    Is having two old trucks (30+) falling apart given the same score as having one old truck falling apart? Are we scoring lower because we have managed to piece together older equipment we have obtained. If this is true, the lesson is to get rid of one of the trucks.

    Please keep up the good job of keeping things easy to simple. Only by keeping the application and rules simple will departments like mine be able to compete.

    Thank you webteam !

    Malcolm Cunningham
    Fire Cheif - Hardin FPD
    Hardin, MO
    Malcolm Cunningham
    Fire Chief - Hardin FPD
    Hardin, MO

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