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    Exclamation 9-11 Thoughts!!!!


    Without the "heroic" effort of all of these dedicated people, there would be a lot more casualities and a lot more fatalities. These dedicated people died doing what they like doing the best; "saving other people from danger". I really commemrate those emergency service workers who took their own lives to save the public. It takes a lot of courage to take your own life, to make someone elses a lot better. I feel really sad for those families who are without their husbands or without their wives now because of the fact that there spouses etc., have died doing what they love doing.

    The memorials that I went to on Sept 11/ 02 really touched me. I have become a lot closer to alot of the emergency personnel over the year, so it hit me harder that these people lost their lives to save others. I think what they did was really courageous, and their families have to be proud of the effort and the abilities that they put forth that day due to the events. I really commemrate the firefighters and other professions who are still living as well as the ones who lost their lives doing what they loved the best. Best of luck to all of the families!

    Hope nothing tragic like this happens again!
    Firefighters are beneficial to every community with the wealth of information they have!

    They don't get enough praise, for the information and skills they know! It could save your life one day!!!!!

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    Default 9/11 thoughts

    As I sit here this morning I have thoughts of 9/11, as I do
    every other day since it happened. I have talked to a bunch
    of great guys over the year at several firehouses I visited.
    "Never Forget" are my thoughts. Some people make me sick
    because they have forgotten. Everyone that died that day
    are "Gone but not Forgotten". I wonder how all the members of
    the FDNY are, and thier families. I wish I could do more
    than say a prayer every day for those lost souls..thanks

    "God Bless the fallen members of the FDNY, thier families and Loved ones"
    Please never forget 9/11

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