There was some discussion on temperature activated warning devices on another thread concerning the use of hoods. I noticed in a catalogue we received at the station a item called "Burnsaver Plus." It is a small (5" long, 1" diameter) device that warns the firefighter of temps over 125 F by flashing LED's and an audible alert. The LED's change with increasing temps. It turns itself on with a motion sensor and automatically goes to sleep after 1.5 minutes of motionlessness. It uses a standard AA battery. According to the catalogue, it is insulated and sealed for protection against heat and water. It is made of aluminum. I did a search and couldn't come up with anything on this device. The catalogue I am referring to is from Heiman Fire Equipment, Inc. If anyone has this device, or knows someone who does, I would like to hear their feedback on it. Pros, cons, etc. It is listed for $113.95 in this catalogue.