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Thread: Golf!

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    Default Golf!

    Many of you know that earlier in these threads, I announced that I was stepping down as chief for my department and running for a trustee's position. That phase in my career has finally started. It is a proud time; it is a sad time; but, it has also been a very busy time for me as well. I have taken up the game of golf! As soon as I took my first swing with a driver, I was hooked. Since the second week in June, when I bought a used set back from my son, I have not missed a week that I haven't played at least 18 holes somewhere. My first round was a 123. I have been bringing it down ever since. Last week, I shot my first birdie. It was a 185 yd. par 3 surrounded by water and sand. I used a 5 wood and it rolled to just off of the green. My second shot was a 45 ft. chip. Boom; it went in. The feeling I got was incredible. My one goal for this year was to improve my short game. When I am less than 100 yds. from the hole, I can't hardly stand it. Club selection is nuts for me. That is improving. I need consistency in my putting. I cannot make a 10 footer to save my *****. But today, I broke 100 with a 98! Yes, that was for 18 holes. My wife, who also took it up at the same time(I'll explain later), parred her first hole at #8! We high-fived. It was a neat moment.
    Why the thread? Because I know that pound for pound, there are some very good firefighters who are also very good golfers. I thought that we could exchange some ideas right here. For instance; I cannot get loft on the ball when I use my irons. I call them worm burners. If the fairway has been cut short, they roll a long ways, but they are so ugly! So I can use some advice; preferably useful advice!
    AND no one has mentioned an IACOJ golf outing. You know, 4-man best ball; shotgun start. Buy your mulligans-four per team to be used at any time. New Humvee grass rig for a hole-in-one; you know, the usual.
    So, tee time is now. Meet you at the 19th hole to compare cards.
    And as for introducing my wife to the game; I figured if I could get her interested in the game, it would be easier for me to get new clubs, golf gadgets and golf trips. So far, it's working! Many of our friends and their wives play, so it's fun. My bad?
    Thanking you in advance.
    Chi-Chief Rodreason

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    Golf: a game that requires one to hit a small ball over great distances and eventually into a small hole with implements ill designed for the purpose!

    I have played golf just once in the last 5 years...and it was ugggggleeee!

    My FD has it's share of excellent golfers, who will be playing in the 10th annual Marlborough Firefighters Local 1714 MDA Golf Tournament on September 26th at the Marlborough Country Club!
    ‎"The education of a firefighter and the continued education of a firefighter is what makes "real" firefighters. Continuous skill development is the core of progressive firefighting. We learn by doing and doing it again and again, both on the training ground and the fireground."
    Lt. Ray McCormack, FDNY

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    Why? It's not like you're going to visit me! But I'm near Waco, Texas


    i got started in golf about a year ago and get to practice every once in awhile.

    my best game was hitting a goose and almost hitting a moving golf cart.
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    My dad (retired chief) played golf almost everyday while I was growing up. It was inevitable that I would follow him in this as well as the fire service. He was a great golfer and won many tournaments. One day, five years ago, he had a bad game. He put down the clubs and picked up a Harley.

    I continue with the golfing thing only for tournaments. For some reason, I always get asked to play for FD scrambles. This is where being a female in the fire service comes in handy. The ladies' tees are set farther down the fairway so that my tee shots are better than the A players in my group. Unfair, you might say. Well, I haven't heard any complaints from my fellow firefighters/scramble team members on that one.

    I also check out golf courses all over the US and the Caribbean when I travel for my P/T job. If you want to know about one, let me know.

    The Queen

    Never, never, never give up - Winston Churchill

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    Use a baseball bat for the tee shots and a pool cue for the short holes. Both seem much better designed for the task at hand.

    Best of luck on getting the handicap down, but its still a good walk spoiled!
    United Kingdom branch, IACOJ.

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    Hey chief, glad to hear your getting better. I just got back into golf this year after a 3 year layoff. I have played just about every weekend since July. About not getting loft when using your irons: I did the same thing when I first started back. What worked for me was leaning the clubface back a little bit, and a nice, tight swing. Not that it works every time, but it helps when you do get it up in the air. Sounds like you might be hitting the bottom of the club. try getting a little more club under it (just dont get TOO much!!!!) Good luck!
    God bless our brothers
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    Default My putter won't work!

    HiHo Golfing Buddies:
    I have been hitting the ball off of the tee pretty good and my second shots are admirable. I can get on the green in two and then three or four putt! I'm going crazy. I barely miss making a 35 footer and can't sink a 5 footer. Is it mental? I have switched to a putter with a soft face in the hopes that it will help.
    Who can help me? Do I need help or more practice? Since the second week in June when I took the game up, I have played at least 18 holes a week. I have been to the driving range and putting green too many times to remember. Am I rushing it? I am playing in a scramble in two weeks and I don't want to let my guys down.
    Tom Watson; if you're out there, throw me a little something, please. I beg you. I need some magic for my putter.
    IMACOJ who sucks at G-O-L-F.

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    Default Don't be so hard on yourself Chief

    The game of golf is beautiful,frustrating,exhilira ting and maddening....sometimes all on the same hole. To break 100 after just starting, is very very good. You need the basic skills and lots of practice/playing. I love golfing. I do not drink while I golf. I do not think about the firehouse, union business or any other of lives ups and downs when I am golfing. Walking is the best way to get good. You hit walk up and hit it again. None of that driving around getting drunk (except at outings lol)and wondering why you arent getting better. I only hit in the low 90's regurarly, so I am not that great. But, golf is the kind of game you can always get better at. Just remember DRIVE FOR SHOW/PUTT FOR DOUGH. Putting is the key. I am gonna get off work and golf tommorrow. We northern people have to get in every round we can before the snow flies and its gonna be in the 80's here... ENJOY!

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