Okay, this is a volly forum but I can't be the only one out there who cooks for his/her guys. I joined my company because I wanted to help out. In many ways. But I find cooking and feeding my guys is something I can do besides fighting fires. I enjoy cooking. God knows they love eating. So my question is, (and I can't believe I'm the first one to ask) what does it take to create a forum dedicated to the kitchen? I mean, most if us cook right? And alot of us are damned good at it too! Anyone else wanna see a kitchen forum? Just some place off of the beaten fire trail dedicated to recipes and such?
I guess it's mostly paid co.s that hafta deal with the food/cooking issues. And most volly co.s have ladies aux.s to feed them. My co. has a great ladies aux. to back us up. But when we are into a good one, or just gone to a distant memorial service, it's really nice to come back to the house and a good home cooked meal. Not to mention the good cameraderie ya get from it. Am I the only one that goes fishin just for some filets to have when I know my guys have a certain detail from early afternoon til late at night? And they know not to stop at some fast food joint on the way home?
So, how about some kinda recipe kinda thingy? A place where we can all, paid and not, share good food recipes and tips??!!
Just a thought