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    Default Firehouse Gym

    I have been elected to come up with some sort of equipment for a gym at our fire station. I was wondering what sort of equipment is being used in other dept's around and what seems to work good and is popular with the firemen to use. We are on a tight budget and I don't want to end up with a bunch of stuff sitting around that nobody will use. Has anyone had any luck with donations from the "Y" or other fittness business around? Our dept is all volunteer and age ranges from 18 to 67, both male and female firefighters. Any info or links to pictures of your set-up would be of great help. I have an open room that is about 18'x30'. We are trying to keep away from free weights. Thanks in advance, Jim.
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    18' x 30'? If only... We have a room maybe 8' x 10', but it's still fairly well stocked. We sprang for a nice weight bench (though you say you want to stay away from free weights?) which probably gets the most use, an exercise bike and a not-very-good treadmill.

    Don't know where you are, but here a treadmill would be great. We have bone-numbing cold in the winter and mosquitoes all summer, so a lot of people can't stand to work out outside. Of course, that's fairly pricey thing, but I'd rather have a good treadmill (with a good range of speed and inclines) than almost anything else.

    It's pretty easy and cheap, it seems, to find stationary bikes.

    One thing we don't have yet -- also easy to do -- is a pullup bar. Also some mats -- the floor is linoleum and usually dirty, and gets quite cold in the winter, so it would be nice to have mats for doing situps and stretches.

    I don't think we've actually tried going for donations but it might be worthwhile to do so -- I wonder if any gyms in your area might be willing to donate used equipment that's still serviceable?

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    Have you concidered applying for a federal grant? Many of the grants donated to volunteer departments are for physical fitness programs/equip.
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    Hey all, first post here.
    I figured I'd jump in here 'cause about a year ago I built a gym in our station.
    What I did was post a short note in the local paper that we were looking for donations of exercise equipment. We got flooded with calls! I ended up driving to each person's house and checked out each piece to see if it was something we were looking for. It was a little tough to turn some people down but there was some crap that we just did'nt want.
    We have a nice universal machine, stepper, bench w/ asst free weights and a Nautilus ab machine.

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    Default No free weights?

    If your looking for low cost and flexablity your best bet is free wieghts.

    Problem we have had with the universal system is that unless you want to spend Several Grand, your members will quickly out grow some of the capacities. (leg press, and bench press) most of these machines are limited to 120 to 240 lbs, again unless you go with a commercial system. Someone that trains hard (3 days per week). Will out grow a home style universal system in about 6 months

    A couple good bench's, I like the Weider 137pro, its a solid bench, incline, decline, preacher attachment, leg attachments, Lat pully and fly attachment. Capacity around 400lbs and about $150 new.

    Squat rack, New about $150

    Go with steel weight as opposed to plastic coated, 300 lbs olymic set is around $250.00 with bar (seen them for less)

    Easy curl bar, $20.00

    Dumbells, 40 lb starter set Wally world about $35.00

    Straight bench, $60.00

    2 weight trees, $50 each

    Incline situp bench, $50.00

    Several full lenght mirrors on the walls. (to observe form)

    A couple 2x4's 36" long

    Stereo system.

    Statiory bike, stairmaster.

    Easy to add to, Plates are everywhere and used plates sell for 50 cents a pound, new around 65 cents.

    It's a cheap start and your up and running for less than a grand.

    Stay away from carpet in your room, as the sweat will really start to stink it up.

    Contact a local college, or local high school PE instructor and ask if they would send one of thier fitness trainers out to teach interested members about the exersizes and use of proper form.

    Start with basic systems, determin interest and build from there, Problem is that everyone is gungho for about 3 months then interst dies unless you provide more challanges and evolutions.

    Best of luck, you will enjoy it, Try to select systems that are flexable and allows your equipment to grow as you do.
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