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    Default FEMA Grant Writing Class

    Did anyone attend FEMA Grant writing class and was told not to contact our congressman for help ?
    We were told not to use a Professinal grant writer as they could tell the difference. They wanted us to write our narritive in our own words.
    Where is round six anounced? A lot of departments are reporting on this forum they have been notified.

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    Round six list will be made public, as a whole, October 1st.

    It is being announced sporadicly by Congressional and Governor's offices.

    In reference to 'asking for help' of Congressional leaders, there theoretically wouldn't be anything a specific Congressional member could do to help your application get a grant, as the decision comes during the peer review and computer review processes.


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    At the FEMA workshop I attended we were encouraged to ask for Congresional help. We were told that unlike last year they would be taking that into consideration. Maybe not for the rating process but to further help with the paring down later on.

    I wrote to both our Senators and to our Representative and only one Senator did not send us a copy of what they sent to FEMA.

    Haven't heard anything yet but there are still plenty of rounds left. Even if we don't get it this year you won't see me crying on any of the forum boards. We should be appreciative that we even have this opportunity. Yes it's long overdue and who knows how long we'll have it so we should be happy it's here.

    Wait a minute, shouldn't that be why we're glad to be breathing today?
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