Full-scale attack drill planned in Rochester (Sept. 24th)

(Rochester-AP) -- A host of emergency workers will tend to
attack victims in Rochester's Highland Park tomorrow morning.
It's a full-scale drill of how Rochester would respond to a
major chemical or biological attack.
The drill will test fire and police response, ambulance crews
and all five local hospitals. Officials from the U-S Justice
Department will monitor the test, which is required under the
Nunn-Lugar-Domenici Domestic Preparedness Act.
Rochester Fire Chief Floyd Madison says the exercise will
simulate the release of a chemical or biological weapon during a
concert at the Highland Park Bowl. Up to 150 firefighters,
officers, and E-M-Ts will be involved. Another 150 police and fire
cadets will join volunteers playing "victims."
Madison says the scenario is deliberately designed to overload
local resources. The drill will start with detonation of a
"flash-bang" device by the Rochester Police Bomb Squad at about 9
a-m Wednesday morning.