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    Exclamation In need of help here!!!

    Was wondering if anyone knows where to get lightbars, sirens, and speakers cheap. My department runs light and siren on our POV's, but we buy our own. If anyone has anything they want to part with, or knows of a good website to go to, please let me know. You can email me at engine391@yahoo.com Thanks for your help!!

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    Try: www.campsafety.com. This is the major emergency vehicle installer in Cincinnati & they have tons of used stuff. The owner began selling to vollies out of his garage & continues to serve that market, though he now focuses on police & fire dept. vehicles. He's honest & stands behind what he sells. Their web site includes specials & used equipment.
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    Check your local want-ad/swaper/trader magazine, up here it's called Uncle Henry's, you know the one that you can sell a boat, trucks, guns, tv's etc., I often find amber light bars in the truck accessories section for decent prices, you can buy new colored lens fairly cheap and up grade a light that came off a plow truck or wrecker and make it all red (or blue as your state laws allow). As for a siren, try to convince the chief that all your apparatus need new sirens and buy the old one off of him . I'm afriad there's no real cheap way out of that.

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