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    Question Fire Service and the minority status

    Now why is it that the fire service in general is nothing but the gold old boys club and their's no fresh face's of minorities within the ranks of the fire service. Why is it that minorities are not joining the fire service and why is it that fire services in general arn't activly recruiting minorites and women in the fire service. Is it that the good old boys network dosn't want to change and don't want to accept minorites within the ranks?. I feel that that the fire service is nothing more than a all american non minority club where minorities are not welcomed in the fire service at all. I feel that the good old boys type fire service is nothing more than a relic that is the last area that needs to be changed.

    See, i am an asian american Firefighter/EMT and i am a minority. It make it harder for me to be apart of the volunteer fire/EMS community. Though being a minority, it makes it worse for me to work hard to be apart of the community. I have notice that minorities are not welcome in the fire service and that since minorites have to work alot harder to be accepted in the fire service. Most minorites, have decied not to join the fire service, learing that minorites are not welcomed.

    I feel that, as an Laotion american and a Firefighter-1/EMT without a firehouse to respond from and as a asian minority, i feel that the US Fire service is nothing more thana gold old boys club and the minorites such as myself have felt unwelcomed and unaccepted. I often wonder why is that when the volunteer fire service are desperate for people to volunteer, why is that they don't look for minorites and look for volunteers within ethnic groups that make up their town. It's no wonder that to see the lack of volunteers within the fire service is a national problem. The root of the problem that lack minority volunteer firefighters and EMT recruitment is that most volunteer fire depts are deep rooted in the good old boys club system.
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    Thumbs down

    Do you know what? This crap is so old, so hashed isn't worth manuer for planting! Do most of us a favor and go stir the pot somewhere else.......Hey Web Team......."Heads up here!"
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    Lime green or red???
    May we never forget our fallen, worldwide.

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    I posted my opinion on this thread to the webteam...enuff said!
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    Well I have been trying to get on with a volly dept. for a while too and im white and I havent been taken on yet. Yes im mad, but I take it and keep my yap shut and my ears to the dirt hopeing for an opening.

    I hope you dont give that speach to the chief,cause if you did it wont take a crystal ball to figure out why your not hierd.

    I took the good Capt.s advice awhile ago and shut my mouth,and when I went to see the Chief I was surprised how much info I got when I was listening to him and not blowing my own horn.

    this is gonna be my first and last post here.
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    And I am a Irish/Scottish male, married, running his own business, and going out as a voli FF.

    That means in Government terms I get represented by only one interest group.


    give me a break with this.
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    Post Looking for Minorities

    Opportunity anybody listening? If you truly want the is the chance.
    FDNY extends application deadline, seeks to attract minority
    NEW YORK (AP)- As it seeks to attract more minority candidates,
    the Fire Department has extended the deadline to apply to take the
    test to become a city firefighter.
    Speaking at Greater Allen AME Cathedral in Queens on Sunday,
    Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta said the department needs to
    reflect the diversity of New York City.
    "This is a city that has more than 50 percent people of
    color," he said. "The Fire Department is 93 percent white and
    male - there's something seriously wrong with that picture."
    Figures from December show that there are 300 blacks, 374
    Hispanics and 30 women on the department's 11,112-member force. Of
    the 343 firefighters who died at the World Trade Center, 12 were
    black, another 12 were Hispanic and all were men.
    Scoppetta said the application deadline to take the written exam
    will be extended one month, to Oct. 31.

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