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    Default Thinking of Brad

    It happened a year ago today.


    God Bless Brad Golden

    Thanks Folks,
    Greg Golden

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    You and the family can be assured that Brad's memory has not been lost in the anniversary of 343 other brothers' deaths. Brad's name and the Lairdsville incident remain a frequent topic of conversation on these boards.

    For the feeble comfort it offers, your family can be sure that Brad's death has averted other training tragedies.

    Best wishes, and may God bless your family.

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    Greg and the rest of Brad's family,
    Thank you for the reminder. I'll keep you in my prayers tonight.

    I promise you this - that this instructor from 1500 miles away will make sure that every live burn he's involved with will be safe. It's the best way I can honor Brad's memory.
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    To the Golden Family,

    Brad is still in the thoughts of firefighters around the world. We are still committed to ensuring Bradleys death was not in vain by educating the firefighting community in the necessity of conducting safe training evolutions.

    The road seems long and the fight far from over. Continue to back any proposed laws or changes in the NY state fire service. May we someday see "Bradley's Law, A guide to conducting safe fire training programs in New York State"

    Rest in Peace Bradley Golden, we have not forgotten you.

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    Greg and Family,
    The loss, as tragic as it was (and I'm sure, still is for you and your family) has been invaluable in ensuring the safety for all those involved in live fire training. If you had a chance to read some of the replies, it went from one extreme- it was just an accident, this happens, don't worry; to another- lets completely ban live burn training in aquired structures. Finally, cooler heads previled and the whole incident became a focus of ensuring this does not happen again. To that, one can only say thank you.
    God Bless.
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    Default To the Goldens.

    Normally, I don't have any trouble expressing my thoughts, but whenever there is condolences for a lost loved one, I cannot find the "right" words of comfort. I think about the mistakes made at Lairdsville often. I don't need the anniversary to remind me that one of God's gifts needlessly perished in that runaway train known throughout this country as the "Lairdsville Incident".
    To Greg, Christine and the rest of the Golden family; please accept my heartfelt condolences on this first anniversary of Bradley's passing. I offer my thoughts in the "Baird's Sentence" thread. I apologize for rambling, but please know that I have been deeply moved by Brad's tragic death.
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    To Brad and the Golden family.

    They shall not grow old as
    we that are left grow old.
    Age shall not weary them,
    nor the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun,
    and in the morning,
    we will remember them.

    Kia Kaha.
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    To Greg and the Golden family

    Please accept my deepest and heartfelt condolences on this day. I cannot find words to express how deeply this affected me. Brad will live forever in my heart and memory.

    Rest in peace Brad you have not been forgotten.

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    You know I will be close behind,

    I'll never be far from you.

    Across the span of time and space,

    This love will reach this far;

    For you'll always carry a bit of my heart,

    No matter where you are.

    We've no way of knowing who will remain,

    Or who will go on before;

    But if I should go first, you'll find love there,

    I'll be waiting just inside Heaven's door.
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    May you and your family feel continuous healing in this most reflective of times.
    May we never forget our fallen, worldwide.

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    Unhappy RARELY A DAY GOES BY...

    Rarely a day goes by when, while reading through the Forums, or a news article with a fire related story, thoughts of Bradley and of the Golden Family not pass through.

    Even during the Rememberance of 9/11, I had time to reflect on the Lairdsville Incident, and how that might have been prevented. Each time I remember, I think how my Dept works, and it makes me consider what I am doing and the consequences of what my actions might make. I think is some ways it makes me a safer person.

    My prayers and heart go to you, the Golden Family, in this time of Rememberance of your Lost Son, Our Brother. There is little else that I can offer, other than for you to know that We are with you in heart and mind.
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    Brad has not been forgotten, and his death was not in vain.
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