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    Default Advice, or other...

    As a relative new comer to Firehouse Forums and Career Firefighting, I am interested in hearing the advice, humorous or otherwise, you have for a newbie/probie. Based on the content of the threads I have read in the past, there is alot of it out there. To start it out, my buddy sent me these:

    1. Yes Sir, No Sir, Can Do Sir
    2. Never Be Lazy
    3. Study Hard, Learn Everything

    Wedgies are your friend.
    Don't talk unless it improves the silence.

    Life without danger is a waste of oxygen.

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    Talking hehe

    1. Never EVER try to "run start" a K-12
    2. always check your gear before and after shifts
    3. for god sakes cook!
    4. don't be caught doing nothing
    5. if you're asked to do something and you want to know why, do it first THEN ASK!!
    6. never trust the penguin (or the station dog for that matter!)
    7. always park your car under a light in the parking lot with the doors locked. If you're really attached to it and like it left alone, take public transit!!!!!!
    8. clean EVERYTHING twice
    9. you don't know everything, I DO!!!
    and finally
    10. Have fun, be safe, and MAKE US PROUD!! Welcome aboard!

    Matt G. Warminster Fire Dept. Station 90
    IAFF Local F-106

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    Cool Advise

    If you're given a job or a nickname or anything else that gets under your skin then NEVER NEVER let them know or you will have to hear it for the next 25-35 years.
    But most important.....use your common sense on this job.

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